Sunday, February 21, 2016

Alphabet Baroque Club 2016

Our concert this spring is called From the Ground up!
We start with a ground bass, add flowers, bugs, birds (mostly cuckoos and nightingales) throw in dogs, cats, owls and a butterfly and end up in the heavens. All on baroque instruments and with guest soprano Eileen Morris. The usual suspects wielding the instruments are Judiyaba on pardessus (the littlest  viol), Maria Caswell on baroque violin, Gwyneth Davis on viola da gamba, and Phebe Craig on harpsichord.

Two performances!

March 18, 7:30pm at the Iota Press printshop.  Sit amongst the presses, read your letterpress program ( a gift from the owner) and enjoy! 925d Gravenstein Hwy S. It is behind Bee Kind, the honey shop.
There is a suggested donation of $15.

June 9, 3pm at the Berkeley Piano Club.  This is a fringe concert of the Berkeley Early Music Festival.
Donations happily accepted.