Sunday, January 23, 2011

Alphabet Soup

We've gotten a little untraditional in our alphabetical wanderings.......
But now we have it sorted out.

"L" ......the Dragon of Wantley, will be February 19, 8pm at Congregation Beth Ami in Santa Rosa.This opera was written by a bassoonist in Handel's orchestra (Lampe) who seems to have gotten a bit tired of taking it all too seriously. We will do a semi-staged version (meaning singers can use their music) with a string orchestra, harpsichord and recorders. And in addition to the 4 solo singers there is a mini chorus....really a cast of thousands by A-Zed standards!

"NO...... is ON!!!!
Just say "yes" to "no"!! Our schedule mix up left little time for 2 concerts for "N" and "O".
So we have combined them and on March 20, at 7pm, the expanded Universe String Quartet will play Nielsen, Onslow, Offenbach, and Nardini. We have searched for the music for a Nono quartet but not been able to find it. It might be just as well to say "No" to Nono........

"P"......will be April 3 at the Green Center at Sonoma State University. Marilyn Thompson, Judiyaba and friends will play a pleasing plethora of P composers.....

Monday, January 3, 2011

Mmmmmmarvelous "M" concert January 6

Elizabeth Blumenstock has a resume that would wear out the computer battery! Suffice it to say that she has recorded prolifically, traveled extensively as a soloist throughout the western hemisphere and now comes to the Petaluma Museum to perform chamber music with old friends from Philharmonia Baroque Orchestra and VOT Music.

The program is mostly rather early early that some of the dates are questionable. Marini, Monteverdi, Merula, and possibly Mielczewski were all born before 1600. (for reference, Bach was born in 1685) The latest composer is Martini (unfortunately we won't have refreshments to match the composers names) who was born in 1706.
It's a wonderful representation of that age of gorgeous and very intimate music.

January 6, 7:30 at the Petaluma Museum 20 4th Street, Petaluma. $15/20
The other performers are Maria Caswell and Cynthia Albers, violin; David Bowes, viola; Gwyneth Davis and Judiyaba, cello; Phebe Craig, harpsichord.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

The First Year!

Well friends!
We have had a year's worth of Alphabet Concerts now!! We are almost halfway through our quirky series. Only almost, because we did have to postpone the "L" concert (which will be performed on February 19th) and it's been a wild ride. 31 musicians have performed on 11 concerts! We have found music that was new to us, some that was really a bit obscure...and some that was newly written! It has been a wonderful chance for us as musicians to connect and reconnect with our colleagues and a chance to meet and see friends in the audience regularly.
It has been a lot of work (that part is never part of the original idea!) and very rewarding.
We thank everyone who has been involved and look forward to more fun and festivities in 2011! 13 more concerts! a semi-staged opera included, and ending with Z and a big party...and of course the prizes! Lots of prizes! Don't lose track of your letters!
And see you soon!
"M" is next week! January 6 at Petaluma Museum at 7:30.
See you there!