Monday, May 31, 2010

Summer Plans!

All three summer concerts are in the planning stages.......getting close to finalizing!
But to let you know a bit......

June 28, a Monday night (we really are going for variety) the concert will be at St. Vincents Church in Petaluma. Gorgeous church! And big! We thought it would be fun to bring everyone up to the organ loft for half the concert...and then downstairs by the piano for the other half. Faure (songs, and..), Finzi (Bagatelles for clarinet and piano), De Fesch, Foote (I'll keep you guessing) and Fruhling.
Carol Menke, soprano; Marilyn Thompson, organ and piano; Nancy Hayashibara, piano; Roy Zajac, clarinet and Judiyaba, cello.

July 18....come to the coast!! We have a 4pm concert in the "church space" at Point Reyes Dance Palace. Lovely little wood lined space. Think Gabrielli, harpsichord, strings.....
And plan a day to get to the coast! Point Reyes is a cute little town, not far from Inverness and beaches. And restaurants for dinner after......

August 26, a Thursday evening, will be part of the Cinnabar Summer Music Festival in Petaluma. "H" is good.....from Handel to Harrison (that's Lou Harrison, a wonderful and very unusual string quartet.)

Saturday, May 1, 2010

"D" photo

Charlie Lucke took this photo of the last piece on the "D" concert.
We were playing the Dohnanyi Piano Quintet (Gwyneth Davis was the page turner....sometimes the scariest job!)