Friday, August 24, 2012

A-Zed starts in the 17th century.....

Our first in the A-Zed through the centuries starts September 9 with a Purcell program.
Called Magic in the garden, the program includes music from the Fairy Queen, a juggler, a hula hoopist and a comedian and an actor.
Soloists are Eileen Morris, Kira Dills-Desura, Corey Head and Eugene Walden. They will be joined by other singers and the Alphabet orchestra. This is a benefit for Cinnabar Theater so there will also be a Silent Auction and refreshments available at intermission. And the garden itself is the stunning creation of Sandy and Borue O'Brien.
Tickets and more info at

Saturday, June 2, 2012

A-Z thru the centuries

We have dates!
September 9, 2012....17th century. Purcell's Fairy Queen set in a gorgeous private garden.
February 3, 2013.....18th century program at Cinnabar Theater, Petaluma
April 28, 2013......19th century. An all Brahms program with one of the sextets
June 2, 2013....20th century. Hopefully Schoenberg's wonderfully weird "Pierrot Lunaire"

Sunday, February 19, 2012

.....and then!

The plans are in the works for our follow-up series.
THRU THE CENTURIES...with the A-Zed players.
A quartet of concerts: first, one of 17th century music; second, one 18th etc. We're thinking of starting with an outdoor concert in early fall of 2012. "Magic in the Garden" based on Purcell's Fairie Queen, but incorporating other things as well. Then in winter the 18th century...too many options at the moment. Late winter of 2013, an all Brahms concert including a Sextet. Finishing in late spring with 20th century....Pierrot Lunaire (Schoenberg) with something we have in mind but aren't firm about yet......something very fun.....
After the first, in the garden, the concerts will be at Cinnabar Theater in Petaluma.
We are having fun plotting and planning.
Details to follow.......

Friday, January 6, 2012

Z wrap-up!

A grand finale!

The audience sang along on the last Zespedes.
Not the original words, perhaps. This time is was:
It started out with A's
Then we moved on to B's
When we arrived at C's
We knew it was a Disease!